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What We Do!




About Us

Hi-Tech Autos Limited is an automotive service company that is co-owned by two brothers, Andrew and Solomon Obi. Andrew Obi studied Electrical Engineering while Solomon Obi studied Mechanical and Financial Engineering. We discovered that one out of every three car user has had a bad experience using modern vehicles; we decided to combine our vast wealth of knowledge to mitigate the threat posed by the complexity of modern vehicles to users.

We repair all brands of cars, Hybrid cars, Jeeps and SUVs manufactured from the year 2000 to date. From routine oil change and diagnostics to repair of the most complex vehicle system, our area of expertise include starting and charging system, powertrain management, transmission and drivetrain, brakes and traction control, steering and suspension, cooling and exhaust system, hybrid drive systems, instrument panel, gauges, lighting, key programming, Remote programming, ECU programming, GPS Tracker installation, Radio codes unlock and Tire monitoring system. Our continuous improvement philosophy enables us to meet up with the rapidly changing technological world.


Our Change Story

We started business in 2015 as Hi-Tech Autos and became incorporated in 2017 as Hi-Tech Autos Limited in Nigeria. Currently, we operate a single workshop located at Ikorodu, Lagos

Vision: To be the customers' preferred choice in automotive repair services globally.

Mission: To employ innovative way of modern thinking in simplifying high Automotive Technology.

Who you Are

Our clients seek quality services. They are knowledgeable people who are familiar with the rapid changes in the complexity of technology in modern vehicles. They understand what it takes to remain in business in a competitive macro environment.  If you are looking for auto repair services which give you value for your money at a moderate price, then Hi-Tech Autos Limited is the place to be.



Our Services


Auto Diagnostics


Oil Change


Spare keys & Remotes


Brakes Repair




GPS Trackers


Engine Performance


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